Message from Chairperson






Dear CSI Members,


I am honoured to be taking over as the chairperson of Computer Society of India Bangalore Chapter for the year 2017-18 from Dr. Prakash S, who ably steered the organisation for the past one year. 

We are witnessing a very interesting period in the history of IT in the world. While IT has become an inalienable part of our lives, many interesting new inventions have paved the way for novel uses of  digital technology. This has made it possible for us to start to explore the potential of digital world. CSI BC has an important role to play in this transition.
Naturally in this context the country has to reinvent the way our engineers are trained. CSI BC is pioneering experiments, in partnership with the industry and industry bodies,  in the direction of imparting appropriate technical education to youngsters. 
As usual we continue to focus on some of the long-standing programs CSI BC is known for. CSI in general and CSI BC depends on its members for its success. The strength of CSI is its membership and in fact the organisation is nothing more than its members. I urge all members to take active part in the activities of CSI BC and to redefine the organisation.
Looking forward to a great year ahead.

With Best Regards,
Dr. Sateesh S Kannegala